Wie schon letztes Jahr feiern wir auch heuer wieder am ARS ELECTRONICA MAINDECK bei elektronischen Klängen ins Jahr 2015. Österreichische Djs- und Produzenten, vor allem aber junge Nachwuchstalente wie Lukas Pöllauer beschallen Silvesters besten Linzer Spot. Zudem fährt ein gratis Shuttlebus zur Progressive Selection mit Protonica live & dj im Club Cembrankeller und zum Silvesterkabarett in der Tabakfabrik Linz.

★ HILLBERG & D-TEX live (Firemusic) ★
d-tex and hillberg are two true veterans of the austrian techno/house scenes – as djs and electronic music producers. from their beginnings in the 1980′s, each of them has created landmarks in the historical landscape of electronic music in austria. In this project they have combined their skills for maximum impact – the result is a groovy techhouse tune bringing the summer into your speakers and onto the dancefloors.

★★★ Winners of Electronic New Year Contest ★★★
Send your 15 minutes Mix to ENYcontest@diffusionevents.at with a little description and a short text about you!

★ Radio Diffusion (Compost Records) ★
Is an electronic music project founded by Hans Staudinger and Sebastian Badics – both DJs, producers and passionate music enthusiasts. Call it fate, coincidence or simply great timing, their paths crossed at Ars Electronica Maindeck in the year 2009. Soon they discovered their mutual romantic idea about electronic music and they joined forces in order to lift their power to a whole new level.

★ Lukas Pöllauer (Radio Diffusion Rookie) ★
This crazy young drummer rushed into Radio Diffusions idyllic world like a falling star. Fresh, smart and on drum-sounds focused is a way to describe his first productions. The next generation moves on, so be part of it!

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